Watch To Discover How We Can Increase The Sales In Your Business Within Months WITHOUT You Doing Any of the Work!

More Attention – More Exposure – More Leads – More Success

... And A Happy Dance!

More Targeted Traffic To Make More Sales

Every single day people are searching for your products and services. Leveraging our media contacts, we get your business in front of more people who are looking for a business like yours. By doing this, we also push your business listing to the top of the search engines.

More Credibility To Convert More Traffic

You vs. Your Competitors:

Do you think a potential customer would rather do business with someone who has been featured on many news outlets or some random company that hasn't? We build that credibility to help customers make the right buying!

More Authority To Outshine Your Competitors

Show prospective customers that your company is the right choice by speaking to their pain points and the benefits your solution offers. You get rapid rankings and traffic.

No Additional Work On Your Part

We handle all of the work for you. No need for you to do anything. Your time is best spent building the business, not focused on all of the details. It's like having your own, in-house marketing department with better results.

Take a Look at Some of Our Contacts

This is just a sample of the over 500 media contacts we work with regularly.

How Does It Work?

Using our unique and highly effective media strategy, we can take any business and drastically increase their exposure resulting in significant customer growth.

Clients are seeing:

  • Increased visibility and credibility
  • Enhanced (and repaired, if necessary) online reputation
  • Viral campaigns
  • Rapid indexing of website by Google
  • Rapid high-authority links to their website
  • Rapid rankings and traffic
  • Picking up media coverage online and offline

Leverage media contacts to build authority, credibility and sales
Make more money in your business

People Want To Give You Their Money

They have to find you first!

(Example: An average of 980 people search for HVAC services in Birmingham, AL per month. These are potential first-time customers. If you had an HVAC company in the Birmingham area, how many of those customers would you want?)

Every industry has hundreds to thousands of people actively looking for someone to do business with every month. It's like having a full-time salesperson that you don't have to manage.

We Don't Work With Everyone

Not every business is a match. Some businesses, quite frankly,

just don't deserve it.

We only want to work with good businesses that focus on taking care of their customers, provide quality products and services, and truly want growth. We can make a massive impact, but only for the right company.

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What People said about this...

Mary Fuller

Mary Fuller


We've picked up 136 new clients in the last 12 months. None of these people even knew we existed before.

Jason Bodifert

Jason Bodifert


Heating and Air companies seem like they're everywhere. We needed to stand out. Not only have we accomplished that, we're outpacing our competition quickly. They even helped us start a whole new service offering.

Shari Colewater

Shari Colewater


My husband and I have owned a roofing company for 8 years. We have never had so much business since they got started with our company.

Daniel Rawlings

Daniel Rawlings


As a numbers guy, I'm always looking at the bottom line. I've picked up $138,000 worth of new clients in the last 6 months. You have to listen to everything these guys say!

Kevin Woodson

Kevin Woodson


As an attorney, getting new clients can sometimes be difficult. I picked up a $50,000 client after 1 week!

Lauren Moore

Lauren Moore


I have been very impressed. We have had to add 2 more techs in the last year just to keep up with all the new clients.

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